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Cocktails, food, and hospitality are experiencing a beautiful resurgence. Meet the best chefs, entrepreneurs, bartenders, brand owners, and food/drink enthusiasts in the world. Conversational style interviews with nothing to hide and plenty to sip. Learn more about trends, new products, and upcoming events in the alcohol/food industry. Let's laugh, toast, and talk pop culture.
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Oct 20, 2016

In our second installment of horror movie madness at SDV, we chat with Trey Jenkins and Michael Phillips about their top 3 films for the season. Nestled in a chilling, dark booth in the back of King Bee, we dive into some absolute classics. Whether you like acid blood, vampire love, or arachnid heads, this chat will pique your interest about the horror genre. Sit back on the edge of your seat, and enter the bone chilling worlds of John Carpenter, Ridley Scott, and more.....



The Fly (1986)

The Thing (1982)

Let the Right One In

Rosemary's Baby


Oct 17, 2016

Diving into the spirit of Halloween, this week at SDV we take a look at some of our favorite guest's favorite horror movies. As we wait patiently for the weather to shift, i's time to bundle up, turn off the lights, and get scared a little with our favorite slasher, ghouls, and alien beings. Recorded in the dark annals of a booth at King Bee, this first installment of two dives into the minds of ghastly guys Billy Hankey and Don Swaynos. Perhaps you'll find some new favorite films in all of this.....


Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978)


The Wicker Man (1973)

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)

Basket Case



Oct 13, 2016

A love of history, science, and Utah was the spark for one of the great American whiskey tales. David Perkins wanted to be a doctor, but found better ways to help his fellow man in the pharmaceutical industry. This successful career forecasting sales and further understanding chemical compounds were the perfect precursor to a voyage in whiskey. In the face of unpopular whiskey sentiments, David learned about blending and leveraged it to make some of the finest blends in modern spirits. As the world's love of whiskey increased, so did High West sales and its need for expansion. Now, in the wake of a $160 million acquisition by constellation brands. who is the man that started it all? We talk Paul Newman, the mountains, and gadgetry.


Image from WSJ

Oct 10, 2016

It's High West Whiskey week at SDV! Today we dive into the one man Texas show, Chris Furtado. Chris has worked in all aspects of the hospitality industry and most recently shifted his knowledge at RNDC to become a whiskey maestro for High West. Despite some tangents into tech and coffee, whiskey kept calling him back. It's only a matter of time before this chef, bartender, and father is slinging you drinks behind his own bar. We chat rye, patrons, and talking to your audience in a language they can understand.


Oct 6, 2016

Welcome to inside the actor's studio with the whiskey king of Chicago, Martin Duffy. Martin has acted, has poured, has traveled, and ultimately established himself as one of the finest minds in the world of whiskey. After working his ranks through the kilt wearing days of "Brand Ambassadors" version 1. He became a SR masters of whiskey for Diageo where he tasted, saw, and smelled everything that whiskey had to offer. He now ponders the next steps while traveling the states spreading the word on the world's most luxurious sipping vessel: the Glencairn glass. In his constant support of the spirits industry, Martin has also co-produced multiple installments of the Chicago Independent Spirits Expo. We chat impressions, Gene Hackman, and how perhaps this is no whiskey country for old men.


Oct 4, 2016

Take a deep look into the products and culture of St. George Spirits with the hospitality veteran Paul Skiera. Working through the ranks behind the bar in Michigan and Florida, Paul made the step from RNDC to the largest small guy- St. George. 3 years later, he loves to share and imbibe in the wonderful reputation his portfolio of spirits has garnered among the industry. No doors are closes, and no projects are off limits as St. George explores every grain and fruit imaginable. We talk terroir, rock stardom, and suit jackets.


Sep 26, 2016

An observer of life and people, Alex Smith set on a writing journey that derailed due to academia and its creative confines. A long time California native, Alex has worked in all types of hospitality settings but found an affinity for Oakland very early on. The journey has ultimately led Alex to a deep passion for Gin, so much so that he now owns one of the the world's most amazing bar destinations for Gin, White Chapel. The idea was fortified on trust, arbitration, and ultimately Alex's reputation. We talk change, Trump, Gin, and more Gin.

Sep 22, 2016

100 episodes, many sips, and numerous life changing moments, this is Mike G. The wonderful guest host Michael Sanders switches roles for this 100th episode and we finally get to know a bit more about the reasons behind Show De Vie. The what, where, how, and why all encapsulated in a mezcal flight. Thanks to everyone that has made this possible, now onto 200 episodes. We chat gin, divorce, music, and the modern travesty of politics.

Sep 19, 2016

Back on his way to Austin for Bar Smarts, recovering punk bassist Sean Kenyon expresses his pure hospitality with Occidental and Williams & Graham in Denver, Colorado. The industry veteran has seen it all and possesses a grounded-ness that is sorely missing from the latest wave of craft bartending. From New Jersey to Austin to Colorado, the road has been filled with visceral experiences. But despite what at times might have been a tumultuous story, the latest chapter is all about love. We chat Bad Religion, Trump, Rye, and motorcycles. 

Sep 15, 2016

Mr. Rum himself, Ed Hamilton. There is no more world traveled and scientifically adept rum man than the minister of the Ministry of Rum. Spending many of his years on boats and rigs of all sizes, Ed has sought out the finest rums in the world. With his own label Hamilton, he showcases funk, flavor, and variety with some of the most delectable rums bottled. A wealth of knowledge; this conversation is the advanced class on Rum/Rhum. We chat beer, boats, and yeast.

Sep 12, 2016

From Russia with love: Ania Robbins, the linguist, the teacher, the cocktail extraordinaire, and now Rhum fanatic, has had an interesting journey since leaving Russia years ago. She has mastered English and the construction of amazing cocktails. From hospitality in Mobile, AL to Austin, TX, Ania now manages one of the best cocktail destinations in Austin, Backbeat. In the latest twist of fate, Ania's fascination with Martinique has led her to represent the House of Agricole Rhum's in Texas. With such amazing marks as Rhum JM, Clement, and Damoiseau, she's elevating the conversation about agricole in Texas. We chat Calvados, advertising, and bread lines.

Sep 8, 2016

From small-town, USA to the booze laden early days of Austin's cocktail scene, Darren Meowsky is a student of life. He's seen the evolution of Austin from its inception. Always expanding his creative boundaries, Darren made the move from beyond the bar to the distribution realm. He flexes his marketing and social muscles now in San Antonio with Pioneer Wine and Spirits. The emerging culture in SA provides an astonishing opportunity. As necessity is the mother of all invention, Darren also has a sultry line of lotions soon to be to market. We chat Lynch, The Tavern, Billy Hankey, and more.

Sep 6, 2016

Despite a good college try in the field of Criminal Justice, Stephan Mendez's genetics ran deep. Despite his father's advice to sit down and cozy up to a desk job, Stephan found his calling in the hospitality industry. Shot and beers bars evolved into cocktail mastery. And now, Stephan is the beverage director for the Boulevardier Group in San Antonio, TX. BG has established some of the finest cocktail spots in the city and state with The Brooklynite,The Last Word, and more. With a brand gig, beverage director gig, and a continuing pursuit of knowledge, where does this all end up? We talk Al Pacino, The Real McCoy rum, Ozfest, and more.

Sep 1, 2016

The trek to America proved to be a life changing one for Vilma Mazaite de Flores. Despite an enjoyable childhood in Lithuania, the spike of wanderlust drove her to explore the world around her. After seeing the worst of Las Vegas hospitality via a casino buffet, Vilma set her sights on a better path; wine. Years later, and after having worked at some fine establishments in Aspen and New York City, Vilma helped craft the wine program at the now shuttered La V in Austin, TX. The closure brings up the important conversation: is Austin ready for a fine dining scene....yet? Now, in this next chapter Vilma works with Domaine Select Wine and Spirits sharing great flavor again. We chat marriage, Oaxaca, travel, and more....

Aug 29, 2016

Jessica Ramirez has parlayed her talents in event planning to transition into the hospitality, distribution, and now product industries. A trek to Texas for love and the avoidance of Michigan winters evolved into her latest role at Cadre Noir Imports. She evangelizes the great spirits which include: Combier, Banhez Mezcal, Control C Pisco, and more. With some well known labels and some lesser known labels, how are the challenges different than the other tiers? Creative solutions are abound. We chat mezcal, music, beauty queens, and more...

Aug 25, 2016

There are few names that are as synonymous with quality, trust, expertise, and compassion as David Suro's. A successful restaurant owner and agave impresario: David is the sane voice of the industry. He has traveled for agave, studied for agave, and managed to import some of the finest agave spirits ever to be conceived. With Siembra Metl and Siembra Azul, his perspective on terroir and flavor are elegantly expressed with unparalleled quality. Beyond spirits, David has also taken a keen concern regarding ethics and the overall political state of agave. In effect, he leads the most pressing conversations about agave via the Tequila Interchange Project  This isn't mezcal 101, this is mezcal 202. We chat bats, Sotol, waiting, and the kitchen.

Aug 22, 2016

Passion goes a long way, and for Mike Morales his love of agave has drove him to assemble a massive archive of information. His site Tequila Aficionado is the most comprehensive and informative source for tequila, mezcal, and sotol on the internet and in print today. From his high school days in East LA, Mike has trekked through the health club, newspaper, radio, and food distribution industries. He finally met his true love Tequila while throwing a massively successful festival in New Mexico dedicated to the delicious spirit. Interviews, tv pilots, and many manuscripts later, Mike continues to spread the agave love every single chance he gets. We talk El Chapo, Sotol, David Suro, and shot girls.

Aug 18, 2016

A southern pilates instructor gone rogue, Carley Dunavant has been juggling health and hospitality for years now. After a full life entrenched in the southern culture of towns like Oxford and Memphis, love yet again brought another great person into Austin, TX. From behind the bars at Drink.Well., Qui, and JW Marriott to shifting to the distribution side of the house, Carley has maintained her integrity. In an industry of double-standards between men and women, how does Carley remain successful and focused? We chat Celiacs (for real), La Croix, and making the "shift" from behind the bar.

Aug 15, 2016

As Tacy begins her masterplan return to the Southwest, it's time to sit back and reflect on how all of this happened in the first place. The concept of homeschooling is foreign to many of us, but happens to be the impetus for this entire chat with Tacy. Fending to find herself amidst tragedy, seclusion, and sheltering, Tacy has emerged a reflexive and incredibly perceptive woman. The hospitality industry granted her freedoms to shape her career and flex her creative muscles. She's one of the most imaginative bartenders in the world, despite Vegas saying so as well. We chat Lavenue, Drink.Well., love, and more...

Aug 11, 2016

Tempus Fugit Spirits co-founder John Troia is a vestige of an olden time. He's traveled the world in pursuit of exquisite booze and come back to the states with some of the finest spirits available. He connects the new world to the old. This California native has always appreciated historical aesthetic and even brought that eye to the fashion industry. An interesting path of Chartreuse and hospitality ultimately sent John traversing the world in search of the best flavors. In the wake of this red eye lifestyle, we now have great spirits like Gran Classico, Alessio Vermouths, Fernet Angelico and more... We chat Mark Twain, Bourbon, vintage bottles, and more....

Aug 8, 2016

Making the move from behind the bar to across it (via distribution) isn't always the most intuitive career, but Austin's Nicki Petry is making the transition smoothly. A Wyoming born horn player and rockabilly extraordinaire, Nicki has had an interesting career path. From a booming Las Vegas economy to a stint in the military, he's seen it all an drank it all. But why now, what is it about Glazer's distribution that looks like the best fit? We chat Shibas, guitar, and talking it all out. 

Aug 4, 2016

More midwest love on SDV this week. Brandon Cummins rose through the ranks of the hospitality industry to now work in product development with Altamar Brands. He has a brilliant collection of spirits to evangelize such as: Tequila Ocho, Right Gin, and Foursquare Rum. The traveling, creativity, and technological agility come from a rich background in wine and guitar. Band guys make the brand guys. We chat PJ Harvey, The Urge, and branding.

Aug 1, 2016

Don't go into the business he said, I want different things for you he said. But yet St Louis' Justin Cardwell found himself being pulled back into the industry despite his father's advice. Stints in computer science, film, and hockey were just temporary as the hospitality gene's dominance took effect. Justin is dedicated to improving his skills while also making simple flavors even more accessible. As a major voice of the USBG, co-conspirator at Lush Life, and general gentleman of cultural, Justin strives to bring the midwest scene to center stage. He sits as bar manager at BC's Kitchen for now, but what lies just on that next horizon. We talk DePalma, bodies of water, and the early days of Mezcal.

Jul 28, 2016

The road to hospitality is often paved with drumming, touring, and recording. Chris McClish grew up in the golden era of punk and post-punk music. The Richmond, VA and surrounding music scenes crept into a burgeoning pianist and influenced him to be a drummer. The thankless life of being a drummer led him to great opportunities at Sound City, The Troubadour, and more. But as many personalities collide whilst playing in a confined space with one another, Chris set course for NYC and the hospitality industry began to take control of his career. In his just emerging one year in Austin, Chris has worked at Jeffrey's and now reigns as the bar manager at Juniper, Austin. His earnest and simple take on flavors show their true form at Juniper and are delicately coupled with brilliant Italian bites. We chat live music, being 40, and bourbon. 

Jul 25, 2016

From the school of hard knox, to Austin, TX. Jeremy has started from humble beginnings and turned these experiences into successful bar ownership with 3 concepts now under his belt. Tennessee and Longview, TX don't begin to describe Jeremy's backstory but working as a door man at Beauty Bar just might. An often private persona with a penchant for delicious whiskey, Jeremy has just opened his third concept Kitty Cohen's  as an homage to the 70's and a feisty family member. We sip whiskey, chat second marriages, and not revealing our last names to the public.

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